Kent Chabotar quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Kent J. Chabotar, president emeritus of Guilford College and a founding partner of MPK&D Partners, was interviewed for a February 25, 2016, article by Lee Gardner in The Chronicle of Higher Education that focused on private-financing deals some small colleges are making to fund on-campus housing. “The danger is you go into a long-term arrangement assuming that you’re going to have the students to fill the beds, and they’re not there,” says Chabotar.

The article continues:
Mr. Chabotar says Guilford considered building student housing with private financing in the late ’00s, when the college was enjoying record enrollments. But campus officials decided to lease nearby privately developed apartments instead, and enrollment has diminished since 2010. If Guilford had entered a deal to build privately financed on-campus housing, “we would have been stuck with an albatross,” he says.

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